CBD And Oral Health
January 14, 2021 By dsadmin

Can CBD Oil Help Maintain Oral Health And Avoid Gum Diseases?

CBD And Oral Health
CBD And Oral Health

Gum diseases usually occur when you fail to take adequate care of your mouth. Your gums can start to bleed and this condition is medically called gingivitis. In the next stage, your gums will start to hurt and this stage is called periodontitis. Alongside brushing, flossing your teeth routinely is the perfect way to avoid these problems. In reality, many of us do not take proper care of our teeth and gums to ensure oral health. This is the reason why more than forty percent of the adults in the country visits a dentist once a month. 

While there are many medications and procedures available to help you take good care of your gums, CBD can be a potent solution for the same. Many people who are suffering from gum diseases have reported that CBD has helped them to relieve pain, bad breath, and bleeding of gums. How can CBD do that? Let us see. 

CBD And Oral Health 

You should understand that prescription medication should be your preference when you seriously consider taking care of your teeth and gums. CBD oil and other such products containing CBD can be used as an addition to enhancing oral health. Even experts in oral health and hygiene have approved the use of CBD in improving oral health. How are CBD and oral health, related? What properties make CBD good for maintaining oral health? Some of the properties that make CBD ideal for ensuring oral health are: 

  • Antibacterial properties
  • Analgesic and pain-relieving characteristics
  • Anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Antiseptic properties

CBD can come in handy in relieving many dental conditions and many people are using it to prevent or treat dental problems. Some of the most common dental issues that CBD can help treat are:

Tooth Ache

The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help in relieving toothache. The best part about using CBD is that it will not cause any negative side effects as it is a natural product.

Tooth Decay

CBD can be used as an aid for tooth decay. However, it can only be used to treat minor decays. It is found that in some of the cases, CBD has even helped to reverse the damage.

Swollen Gums

Bad dental hygiene can lead to the build-up of bacteria in gums and this can lead to swelling of gums and bad breath. Lack of timely treatment may lead to bleeding and pain. Swollen gums can also be caused by inflammation and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help in reducing the inflammation and alleviating the pain due to it. 


An injured nerve can lead to sensitivity in your teeth. CBD is capable of making a cover on the sensitive tooth, thereby protecting it from being exposed and hurt. 

Applying CBD Oil In Gums 

The suggestions that are shared below can help you apply CBD oil to gums.

  • You can add a few drops of CBD oil to your toothpaste before brushing or you may add also buy CBD toothpaste. If you follow the first method, you will have more control over the dosage of CBD that you intake. 
  • If you are having a toothache, you can directly apply the CBD oil to the teeth that hurt the most. You can also apply the oil to the gums in the area of pain. Doing this can offer you instant relief from the pain. This can also be followed in the case of swollen gums.
  • Another easy to follow method to use CBD oil for oral health is to add a few drops of the oil to your coffee or tea and then gargling it in your mouth especially near those areas with the problems like pain and swelling. 
  • If you recently had dental surgery, you can add a few drops of good quality CBD oil to a gauze pad and then place the pad on the area of surgery. The CBD present on the gauze pad will help reduce the pain as it is a very good analgesic. 

Can CBD Help Maintain Oral Health? 

Using CBD oil can be a quick and efficient way to relieve pain, swelling, and bleeding in your gums. Moreover, there are no side effects in using CBD products of good quality. However, it is important to use a dosage of the product that is ideal for you. To find the dosage of CBD that is beneficial for you, you need to start with the minimum dosage and then increase the dosage gradually. This will let you find the dosage that is ideal for you to maintain oral health. 

CBD oil is a safe product and there have not been any reports of CBD overdose to date. All you have to do when buying CBD products is to make sure that you buy good quality products from a reputable manufacturer. This will guarantee you the expected results from the product. 

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