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Can CBD Make You Fail Your Drug Test?


CBD has become a herbal supplement that millions have started using. The boom of the CBD industry was unprecedented and a rise in popularity to this extent was unheard of and came of a surprise to many. The United States rules with an iron hand and is very strict on marijuana laws. There was a systematic downplay that started from the 1930s that led to marijuana and all of its derivatives to be categorised under Scheduled Class I controlled substances; meaning producing, distributing or possessing marijuana under American lands was considered as a federal crime. It was after a strong protest and continuous awareness about the benefits of CBD that the Farm Bill was passed in 2018. This basically meant that CBD made from hemp and not marijuana was considered legal; just as legal as rice or any other agricultural commodity. Hemp derived CBD and other hemp derivatives were no longer considered controlled substances and one could freely grow, sell, distribute and possess hemp derived CBD products. However, the public perception was still murky. 

The legalization of CBD came under the scanner and there were several questions that were being volleyed back and forth. One such question was regarding drug testing and whether CBD use will trigger a failed drug test. We will be digging deep to find an answer and help you reach a conclusion as to whether it is legally safe to use CBD.

The Trouble And Mental Agony Of A Positive Drug Test

Drug tests have become commonplace in the US, due credits to the rise in drug use and opioid problem that seemed to have plagued the land. It was not just athletes in competitive sports that were made to undergo a drug test, even common workplaces have made it a habit to conduct routine drug test to ensure that their employees are not out of line.

Drug tests are performed to identify the presence of any unknown substance in the human body. If certain compounds and drug traces are found, the action taken on the person is generally swift and before you know it you could be handed your suspension papers. There are instances of people being denied medical services as a result of a positive drug test.

Am I In Danger Of My Drug Test Showing Positive

You need to understand what it is that drug tests are trying to find on you. As mentioned earlier, there are certain compounds that are being looked for in the body. When it comes to drug tests, it is the presence of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that rings alarm. If you use pure CBD or CBD isolate products from a credible and well-respected brand, you are under absolutely zero risk of showing positive on a drug test.

Understanding THC

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance that is present in marijuana and in minor traces in hemp. This is the substance that is responsible for the feelings of ‘high’ when you consume marijuana. THC makes up almost 40% and above, in marijuana and is the contributing substance for intoxication. CBD on the other hand is only therapeutic, in every sense of the word. It is strictly a non-psychoactive substance. When you take well beyond the required dosage, the side-effects you may face are at worst include fatigue and sleepiness; but no intoxication or delusion. All in all, if you are using pure CBD you are in the clear.

Hemp contains THC too, but just a sliver when compared to the amount that marijuana has in it. Hemp has around 0.3% of THC in it. Even if you are using a full spectrum CBD, that contains THC in it, the drug test might not be positive the first time.

The Chances Of A Positive Increase Are:

  • If you have a habit of consuming very high quantities of CBD per day. This would be in the field of close to 1000mg or more a day. the average CBD consumer takes about 150 mg a day, and if you in the average or a bit more than that, you are in the safe.
  • If cruder methods of testing are followed. More advanced and newer methods of drug testing will help differentiate the percentage of THC in you. As mentioned before, it is the THC that gets you in trouble. Older methods will just show that you have THC in you, and the accuracy of the percentage will be foggy.
  • If the oil was extracted poorly and the percentage of THC is higher and more potent. This happens when you go for substandard CBD manufacturers and suppliers. Proper filtration processes will help in yielding a CBD product that is clean, free from toxin and is sufficiently separated of THC.

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