CBD Manages Period Cramps
February 1, 2021 By dsadmin

Is CBD Helpful In Alleviating Period Cramps?

CBD Manages Period Cramps
CBD Manages Period Cramps

For many years, people are searching for a natural remedy for chronic pain. The existing pain-relieving medications are not very effective and sometimes cause side effects. The search for natural pain remedy has brought us to cannabidiol (CBD), an active cannabinoid compound present in the cannabis plant.

CBD has undergone several clinical and observational studies over the years and found that it is very effective in managing many of our health problems, including chronic pain. CBD’s pain-relieving properties are well known and scientists are wondering whether CBD is also helpful in alleviating period cramps.

Does CBD Oil Have Any Effect On Period Cramps?

The menstrual cycle comes along with a lot of pain and symptoms, which are not always pleasant. Millions of women in the menstrual age suffer from estrogen dominance that causes bloating and fatigue. Another common side effect of the menstrual cycle is cramping, which occurs due to uterine contractions. 

Even though many scientists have said that CBD cannot prevent the contractions of the uterus during your periods, CBD is able to help with period cramps. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will help in reducing inflammation and it also alleviates nausea and improve digestive functions. All these are very helpful in fighting period cramps.

How Does CBD Manages Period Cramps?

Tenderness on your lower back, chest, and stomach is very common during your periods. Many experts recommend massaging these areas with CBD oil to reduce the tenderness. Massaging with CBD oil can help in alleviating the irritation and discomfort to some extent. Recent studies have shown that CBD can regulate the vanilloid receptor of your body and manages your pain perception.

It is well proven that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are very effective in reducing inflammation and thereby alleviates pain. CBD will interact with neurotransmitters present in your brain and reduces the inflammation in your body. Abdominal cramping, lower back cramping, and nausea are also very common side effects of the menstrual cycle. The use of CBD will ease the bloating and cramping by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors present in the endocannabinoid system.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, going through the menstrual cycle is very hard. You will be in a lot of pain in many areas of your body. This will negatively affect your daily activities. As we have already discussed, massaging the affected areas with CBD oil should give you some relief. It is very important to note that CBD does not have any effect on uterine cramping, but it can help in reducing lower back cramping and tenderness.

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