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Top Things To Consider When Buying CBD Online

Since the legalisation of CBD products and hemp farming with the 2018 Farm Act, there has been an enormous growth in the CBD markets as many manufacturers started producing CBD infused products. Because of this, a plethora of items are available especially in this age of online shopping. There are beverages, creams, shampoos, vape pen, e-liquids etc produced by various companies. With all these popularity and high demand started the floating around of fake CBD products too in the market. This is because all cannabidiol products are not created equally and similar to any other industry there are many products between good and bad quality. With the saturation of the market, it becomes important for customers to know what they are buying. The following tips will help you to buy the best CBD products online.

THC Concentration

The legally allowable THC limit in these products is 0.3% to 0.5% or less because it does not cause the psychotropic effects. This is because THC is illegal in many states whereas legal in several other states. Therefore, it is very important to confirm that the THC content of the CBD product is less than or equal to the legal limit unless you are seeking for one.

Type Of CBD Used

CBD products are usually produced from Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum or CBD Isolates and knowing their difference is very important. The difference between them is that a full spectrum extract contains all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant including THC whereas a Broad Spectrum extract is similar to Full Spectrum Extract without the THC. CBD Isolates as the name indicates are 99% pure CBD and highly potent. Therefore, you choose between them depending on your need as well as on the legality of THC in your state.

Ingredients Used In The Product

These products usually contain active as well as inactive compounds and CBD is the active compound. In bad products, inactive compounds may contain harmful substances and they must be avoided. Therefore, it is better to purchase all organic products or those with the least amount of ingredients.

The Source Of Hemp

Legal CBD products are produced from the hemp because of the low levels of THC and the quality of CBD is dependent on the source of the hemp plant. Usually, hemp extracts can be sourced from Europe, China, USA and many other places. It is better to choose the products sourced from the USA because these cultivators follow organic cultivation methods and the climate is ideal. Moreover, hemp cultivated in Kentucky, North Carolina or Colorado pilot programs will be better. Cultivators following good practices such as soils with ideal PH balance, abstaining the use of pesticides are better because hemp plant easily absorbs contaminants. Therefore, it is better to select a manufacturer that owns their farms and can oversee the whole production when purchasing online.

CBD Extraction Method

There are different methods to extract CBD such as using a solvent like alcohol, olive oil or CO2 and the quality of the product depends upon it as well. Some of the highest quality products are manufactured using the CO2 method because of the pure end product received without any impurities. This method is expensive and hence it will be reflected in the price of the CBD Product.


When buying CBD products online you must ensure that the manufacturer gives a detailed dosage instruction on the label, so that you can select the right type of product for your need. It is important to know how much CBD is there in single-dose depending on the type of product. For example, CBD tinctures are available in 15ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles along with a dropper that can deliver 1ml of the liquid i.e. a 30ml bottle contains 30 servings. The amount of CBD contained in the bottle is indicated in milligram (mg). Therefore, 30 ml of 250mg CBD tincture delivers 8.33mg per serving.

3rd Party Lab Certification

Authentic CBD products must have third party lab certification and they must be available on the company’s website. These certificates prove that the ingredients and other claims listed on the label have been tested by these labs and confirmed. Hence, products that do not have these certificates must be avoided as they cannot be safe. However, it must be kept in mind that some brands only provide lab reports only if you purchase their products and in such a scenario you must send a formal request citing your reasons. If the company does not respond or reply back, such products must be avoided.

There are certain facts that you must confirm on these lab reports and they are as follows. Just like shady companies, there are shady labs as well. Hence, you must ensure that the lab is accredited with the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) certification. There are other accreditation programs but ISO certification is the standard for Cannabis analysis reporting. Therefore, it is safer to go for ISO certified labs because they have standards and guidelines approved and monitored by a governing body. Moreover, you must ensure that the lab reports are not more than 8 months old for online purchases to ensure that the product is safe.

These are some of the important points that you must consider when buying a CBD product on an online platform.

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