CBD For Sportspeople
May 29, 2021 By dsadmin

Why NFL Player Brett Favre Used Cannabidiol

CBD For Sportspeople
CBD For Sportspeople

With 297 back-to-back starts for three NFL teams, Brett Favre knows how much effect playing football at a professional level could have on the body. This three-time most valuable player award winner knows the damage that managing that toll can have. Favre consumed hydrocodone in the 1995 NFL season, where he won his first MVP award. Back then, he told Sports Illustrated’s staff that he made three trips to rehab centers to address his addiction to alcohol and painkillers. Considering Favre’s addiction struggles, it comes as no surprise that he started using CBD for sportspeople as an alternative.

Despite using standard medicine, Favre experienced the painful repercussions from his football life even today. Contrary to that medication, cannabidiol is non-intoxicating and non-addictive. That is what prompted the former NFL star to start utilizing cannabidiol, the hemp-derived component with little to no THC.

Favre described his pain medication addiction as a state of being as hooked to it as possible. Therefore, he decided against consuming any product that he could become addicted to. When cannabidiol was introduced to Favre, he was in two minds regarding its use. Maybe that has to do with the fact that cannabidiol is related to cannabis, a plant with the intoxicating compound THC.

Anyhow, Favre used that product made with CBD for athletes. Describing cannabidiol’s lack of intoxicating effects as ‘non-THC’, Favre said that that aspect matters. Some may not care about that, but Favre feels that almost everyone is similar to him when it comes to the above.

Favre still uses cannabidiol on a less-than-regular basis. It seems to have impressed the former player so much that he feels he would have done so if cannabidiol was available in his NFL days. Favre says that an item known as dimethyl sulfoxide was available back then. Also known as DMSO, it is banned today, but it was in supply in Favre’s first few NFL years. DMSO resembled olive oil, plus one could rub it. Favre had many sprained ankles when in the NFL; he now recalls DMSO as a product that treated those issues.

From that act of remembering, it also seems that Favre regrets the lack of cannabidiol availability back when he was in the National Football League tournament. Cannabidiol oil goods are useable for today’s NFL players having an NFLPA agreement to improve their health and wellbeing.

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