CBD Concentrate
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Things To Know About CBD Concentrate

CBD Concentrate
CBD Concentrate

CBD concentrate is known for its very high cannabidiol levels that make it the perfect choice for people who are looking to get high doses of CBD. The typical amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis compounds in CBD concentrates will be much higher than that of conventional cannabidiol products.

This article is a guide to CBD concentrate.

What Are The Different Types Of CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrate is of different types including:

Powder or crystal: Pure CBD isolate comes in powder form. It does not contain any compound other than CBD.

Wax: CBD wax is a dark oily substance usually used as dabs or vapes.  The concentrate contains non-CBD compounds like waxes and sterols.

Crumble: Crumble is similar to wax but it has moisture that contributes to its crumbly(and less sticky) texture.

Live resin: Live resin is made by flash-freezing cannabis buds before the extraction process. People who prefer full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products choose live resin concentrate.

Budder: Budder is made by purging the cannabis extract at higher air pressure and temperature at the final stage. The step contributes to the fluffy texture of the concentrate reminiscent of butter.

Why Do People Choose CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrate offers all the benefits offered by conventional CBD products. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer CBD concentrates to ordinary CBD products.

High CBD Content

When compared to ordinary CBD products, CBD concentrates contain higher amounts of CBD and other cannabis compounds (if present). A small amount of CBD concentrate would be enough to deliver the benefits you expect.

Faster Onset

Faster onset of effects is one factor that encourages many to try CBD concentrate. With CBD concentrates, you can feel the CBD (and other cannabis compounds) kicking in a few minutes after use.

Are There Any Risks Associated With CBD Concentrate?

Although less common, there could be some side effects associated with CBD concentrates. Some of the risk factors associated with concentrates include:


CBD concentrates are very strong. A small amount of the concentrate contains high levels of CBD and other compounds (if present).  Hence they may not be suitable for people who are sensitive to CBD or haven’t used cannabis products before.

If a person has no prior experience with cannabis concentrates, they might experience some side effects.


If inefficient extraction and purification methods are used, CBD concentrate may contain impurities that could affect the user’s CBD experience adversely.

When buying CBD concentrates, ensure that you buy top-quality products of reputed brands.

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