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Can CBD Help After A Heavy Workout


Physical exercise and workout are an essential aspect of any healthy lifestyle. If your goal is to be slim, fit, and be in the best shape of your life, then work out and physical exercise goes hand in hand. Physical exercise is a way to unlock and explore physical limitations and helps improve one’s fitness and performance.

But a scene of you limping from a heavy workout session would be fresh on your mind; your muscles start to ache and you feel your joints giving away. Sometimes the cramps and the muscle pains get beyond the point of mere inconvenience to become plain excruciating. A few of the after-effects of a strenuous workout session include the likes of:

  • Intense Muscle Pains

 This could be a result of overexerting yourself or even an injury. The injury could then become an infection or even inflammation of some sort. This usually occurs either when the intensity of workouts is too high, or when a unique workout that concentrates on a single muscle group is performed. The muscle fibers strain and result in you getting sore for a few days.

  • Cramping Of The Muscles

Your body needs oxygen to breakdown nutrients, to give you energy, in a process called aerobic respiration. When the amount of oxygen going in reduces, and your muscles are still under the demand to perform, then the breakdown of energy happen “anaerobically”. This leads to the generation of lactic acid, which when reaches a point above the permissible, leads to muscle cramps.

  • Nausea Or Light Headedness

When your body is under tremendous physical strain coupled with dehydration, you will tend to get nauseous and dizzy. Making sure that you drink adequate water and not subject yourself to extreme levels of strains is needed to keep your feet squarely planted on the floor. Many athletes feel that being nauseous and light-headed is a ‘mark’ on the effectiveness of the training; that is pure hot air!

  • Facial Redness

As you undergo physical exertion, your heart pace rises and your face ends up getting flushed beat red! This is because of the production of adrenaline, which causes the capillaries to expand or vasolidate to accommodate more blood to the primary muscle groups.

In most cases, the recovery time is excruciatingly slow and you are left sore even in the morning of the next day’s workout. Many athletes make use of steroidal creams and pain killers to help relieve the pain from the muscle damage but end up harming progress in the pursuit of getting better, faster.

But we may have a solution; a herbal alternative that will change the way that you recover. A miracle drug, that will help alleviate your symptoms and keep you in your game; a drug that will help you unlock your potential. It is nothing but Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD For Recovery

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the primary ingredients that you will find in legal hemp. The reason a booming $1 billion industry has erupted in the past years is because of the long CBD benefits list. CBD on its own is a very potent therapeutic substance that works proactively to heal, repair and rejuvenate the human body. It works great as an anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever, at the same time allows the user to mentally relax and induce sleep, to help repair much better.

Of all the things that CBD use entails, one of the key selling points is the minimal side effects that you will encounter if you have the right dosage. You will not be intoxicated and will be sharper than ever.

Let us look at how CBD can help you bring your best.

  • Helps Manage Pain And Inflammation

CBD binds itself with the pain receptors and nulls out the sensitivity of nerve bundles at pain sites. As a result, users will be able to better cope up with the pain. Another issue that occurs when muscle fibers are damaged is inflammation. CBD helps there as well. CBD attaches to the COX2- receptor that is known to induce inflammation, effectively soothing swelling and reddening of the skin.

  • Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is an important aspect of post-workout recovery. A good night’s rest is essential to put your body in “repair mode”. CBD helps to induce not just sleep but helps maintain deeper cycles of sleep, which essentially mean that when the first rays of sunlight hit your face, you are completely ready to get up and going! Good sleep ensures faster recovery and healing, something that CBD helps with flawlessly.

You can administer CBD in a variety of ways, right from CBD gummies and edibles to CBD creams and lotions that you can apply to your pain areas. If you are a fan of infusing CBD into your food, then you are free to mix and match!

Welcome CBD into your exercise regime and you will be taken aback by what it helps make possible!

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